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I can answer general questions about French History of the 17th and 18th centuries. About the people and the events. I don`t pretend to know everything, I am still learning but I like to share my knowledge. Note that it is FRENCH HISTORY FROM THE MODERN ERA (1400-1800).

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I am a historian.

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Allie03/28/12101010Thank you! That was incredibly helpful!
Ramil10/15/10101010thank you very much sir
James10/15/10101010Many thanks indeed Josee. I knew the .....
tonya05/03/10101010The response was quick and complete. Actually .....
ashley02/24/09101010Very helpful and polite!

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2013-05-17 everyday life:

Hello!    There is a book called "Le tableau de Paris" written by Sébstien Lemercier in 1781-1788 that could help you.  It talks about everyday life in Paris, how it worked, how the society is organized

2012-03-28 Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution:

Hello!    Some of these questions would need a very in depth answer.  So I will give you hints of what to look into.  :)    1.  Before the Revolution, her role in the governement is non-existent.  She

2011-02-25 Nobility:

Hello!    The nobility was not eradicted.  They were still present (and there is still some even today).  For a while, everyone was called "Citoyen LastName".  But it didn't last.  With Napoleon, a new

2010-12-26 Europe:

Hello,    This look like an homework question, which I usually don't do. Plus, it's not really my specialty either.  But let me give you a hint, and than you can look at it further on your own.    Look

2010-10-13 storming of the Bastille:

Hello again Ramil!    In fact, it is pretty simple.  In the days prior to the events of the Bastille, the King had asked for some regiment to come and camp outside Paris.  With everything that was going


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