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anything related to india, indian princely states, militry history of india, revolutionary and freedom struggle of india from 1857 to 1947 and especially history of Maratha kingdom from 1674 to 1818.

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worked for 5 foreign websites and contributed in the area of indian princely states.

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2015-01-20 Indian History:

The provincial state of Bengal had an area of 189,000 miles and a population of nearly 8 crores (80 million). It included the Hindi-speaking regions of Bihar, the Oriya-speaking regions of Orissa as well

2009-10-18 India and the World Map:

Hi Ken,    As you know the term "sub" is used to describe a particular thing which is having lesser importance to the original one. If you see the map of indian subcotinent, it is includes the countries

2009-10-03 sepoy mutiny of 1857:

Hi Paroma,    There is little difference between "revolt" and "War". whenever soldiares starts armed conflict, its termed as "revolt and not war" (the revolt of 1857, was started by soldiares of East India

2009-10-02 sepoy mutiny of 1857:

Hi Paroma,    your question itself answer your querry. indeed, it was revolt against british rule. not only soldiares but pesants, farmers also took part in it.      Regards,  Abhijit

2009-06-15 How many people died from violence in the Indian Independence movement?:

Hi Will,    Nice to know that your are doing research on Indian history but the statistic data you are asking is too difficult to collect. You need to read lots of history books, collect the numbers of


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