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Abraham Lincoln; American Civil War; 19th Century American History; and American Religious History are all expert categories. Can also answer most questions about US Presidents; general American History; American government structure. Lifelong student of American history, especially Abraham Lincoln

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Lifelong student of American history, with coursework in American history and government at the college and graduate level.

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2015-06-24 the Lincoln Conspiracy:

William,    It's difficult to figure out exactly what role anyone played in the development of the kidnapping plot and the plan for coordinated assassinations.    John Surratt was likely uninvolved in

2014-12-17 pocket vetos:

Alyssa,    A pocket veto can only occur when Congress is not in session -- otherwise an act passed by Congress can simply become law without the president's signature, if the president does not specifically

2014-05-15 Founding Fathers:

Whitney,    You've got it.  The author means that the impacts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution on American history were sometimes in conflict.  They wanted to create a government

2014-03-12 American History:

Largely from the beginning.  The Catholic Church supported efforts by Spain and Portugal to establish colonies -- both to expand the reach of the church and to support the governments of those countries

2013-03-03 Abraham lincoln:

Shania,    Abraham Lincoln's early influences were probably the people that lived nearby as he was growing up.  They were mostly settlers who lived by farming and hunting, which was hard work and did not


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