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My interests are pretty diverse: military history, technology, and social trends for most historical eras, general U.S. history, European history, especially Roman and early medieval history but also the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, European colonialism in Africa, a little bit of Asian history, especially as it relates to European and American imperialism. I'm also pretty good with presidential history.

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I've read hundreds of history books on various subjects. I've also been writing historical fiction for about twenty years. Story development drives my research. I am also a tour guide at a local museum.


Bachelor's degree in history and geography.

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Tigest09/21/14101010Thankyou so much, this helped tremendously.
Mika03/25/14101010All in all a really great answer .....
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2014-11-08 Great Wall of China Information.:

Hi Prashant,  I'm not sure what you mean by the wall road. If you mean the section along the top of the wall, then yes, I agree it appears to be wide enough for a vehicle such as a jeep. But as several

2014-09-20 American Studies:

Hi Tigest,  Thanks for clarifying.  Check out the Wikipedia articles on:  Protestant Work Ethic  Prosperity Theology  Achievement Ideology    Those articles say that Prosperity Theology is a relatively

2014-05-04 Pasewalk:

I have to agree with this quote from the article you linked to:    "Iíve no idea how useful these reports ever were but they probably tell us more about the trends in psychology of the time than anything

2014-05-03 Pasewalk:

The book looks like it could be very interesting for someone who wants to know more about Hitler. I would not call it fiction. It may or may not qualify as good scholarship. The only way to find out is

2014-04-30 History:

Hi Alex,  Churchill was an ardent critic of the appeasement policy of his prime minister predecessor, Neville Chamberlain. In the spring of 1939, Churchill was probably complaining about the refusal by


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