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I have an indeep knowledge of European history, expecially Ancient, Roman and Medieval history. I focus my attention on military history as well; I have access to a university library with many ancient books.

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Mainly through self study (other than my university studies in laws) I have acquired a good knowledge of the topic, which I enjoy further study.

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Orie Billing09/04/08101010Hey thanks for the help :)
Peter04/14/081010Very, very helpful and knowledgeable. Concise and .....

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2016-05-15 Court trial and Genghis Khan?:

Hi,  you could mention the fate of such cities as Samarkhnd (1220 AD) and Merv (1221 AD), both on the Silk Road, as an example of Genghis Khan's attitude towards those who resisted him, ask the trader

2010-10-09 ptolemaic dynasty...:

Hello,  during the ptolemaic period the ruling class was Greek, but it needed to accept all the social and religious customs of the Egyptians, in order to be fully accepted. Thus, the Greek ptolemaic kings

2008-05-17 praetorian guard:

Hello,  the praetorian guard was the body guard of the emperor: its power came from being so physically close to him and thus, in some cases, able to influence him or even to kill him. The commander of

2008-04-11 Jews:

Hello,  I'll try and give you a simple explanation, even though, of course, history is never simple and straightforward.  From a religious point of view, the Jews were seen by the Catholic church, expecially

2008-04-10 germanica superior and inferior:

Hello,  actually the Rhine was not the border for Gaul, it was the border between Germania Inferior / Superior and Germania Magna (i.e. the land where the free German tribes lived).  No other legion was


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