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Lee Gilliland


I can answer questions about the RMS Titanic, her sinking, passengers, etc.

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Late of the Titanic-Titanic, Encyclopedia Titanica and, co-owner of TEAMTitanic and Teen Titanic message boards and forums, as well as webmaster for (site of some Titanic Cartoons)


British Titanic Society, Titanic Historical Society
, Titanic International Society


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Recent Answers from Lee Gilliland

2013-12-22 If Titanic didn't sink:

If the ship had not have sunk, she would have had a similar life cycle to her sister ship Olympic of twenty to thirty years.  The industry standard of the time was to steam the ships full-ahead into iceberg-laden

2012-06-02 Titanic and the behavoir of the passengers:

Wow, a bunch of very good questions.  I'll do my best on all of them.  First, please remember there were a LOT of people in steerage, and they did not necessarily all react the same.  Some of them did

2012-05-05 Californian:

The best written, most fully researched, and objective book on the subject is The Ship That Stood Still by Leslie Reade, although it is a bit expensive.  If you can, go to your local library and

2009-12-13 American History:

Wow, interesting question.  The problem is, my expertise is the Titanic, which was a British ship, so I'm not really up on Yank history.  The best I can do is, if I remember correctly, both were elected

2009-10-16 Titanic Survivors:

I have been looking for two days in my library and online and have not been able to find a single picture of him.  Perhaps you could ask on Encyclopedia Titanica (


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