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Author of 22 plays, 12 bestselling thrillers, a memoir and children's fiction.I can work with people on the process of writing, what to expect and ask for from an editor. How to work with the publisher`s marketing and publicity people. And how to survive book launches and publicity tours!

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Published author of 22 plays, 12 bestselling thrillers, a young adult and three non-fiction titles. Visit his Moroccan blog at for a look at his blogging work.


St Andrews, Helsinki University and other institutions. Adult Educator of the Year Award, Australia

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Demetrius10/23/15101010Mr. McCutcheon is always helpful. Recommended.
JD07/18/15101010Mr. McCutcheon is a consumate professional that .....

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2016-10-02 writing fiction:

Hi Liz,  Sorry about the delay in my reply, but I have been travelling in Morocco in areas with no WiFi.     The best advice I can give is to simply write the story without worrying about the layout. To

2016-03-18 Book publishing:

I think that at this stage you best publish as it is. There is very little chance of a book returning your investment unless you have very good publicity and distribution organised.  The most important

2016-03-15 Book publishing:

Hi Robert,  Sorry about the delay in my response, but I decided to research this kind of "publishing".    My advice is to stop working with this company. Certainly do not pay them for editing. That is

2016-02-05 Which voice to write in?:

Hi Yvonne,  Sorry about my delay in writing but I am travelling in areas without internet!    My suggestion is that you write in third person. That allows you to quote both yourself and your husband. It

2014-03-13 pseudonym:

Dear Colin,    Sorry about the delay in my replay, but I have been travelling in Morocco.    I suggest you pick a new name. While you may not be in legal trouble, it is best to stay on the safe side.


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