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I can answer various questions about how to create characters for fiction writers.

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Two published books, Heroes and Heroines, and Ten Steps to Creating a Memorable Character, plus years of teaching both on-site and on-line


Several national magazines...had monthly columns



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Jim05/02/16101010Thank you for the information. I found .....
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Prashant S Akerkar02/24/14101010Dear Sue Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....

Recent Answers from Sue Viders

2016-05-01 fiction based on real people:

Jim... if you are doing fiction... simply change the names, the event and write about it any way you wish.    If you are going to use "real" names, I would suggest you get the person's written agreement

2015-08-29 Novels in different languages.:

Prashant... I really don't know the answer... I do know that many authors have their books translated into other languages.... however having said that I would think that if a person is "fluent" in one

2014-02-23 Novel Category.:

Prashant... an interesting question for which there really is no answer... as it all depends on the individual who is writing the novel.  For some writers comedy is easy but for others extremely difficult

2011-12-23 Creating characters who are individuals:

Dominic... there are many ways...     1 - you could take a character class... there are many online  2 - join a writing organization  3 - find a critique group to give you feed back  4 - google "character

2011-09-07 Writing a real life story:

Sue... (nice name...grin)    I assume this is a non-fiction book based either on your life or someone you know.  The question you have to answer is - why will anyone want to read it?      If it is just


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