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As a active screenwriter and dramatist (playwright/librettist), I have been writing and directing since I was in elementary school. My expertise is in dramtic writing as well as historical research. I have been given such responsibility (dramaturg) for many local theatre productions. bbc

Experience in the area

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, minors in History and Psychology. As a writer, I have enjoy the experience of researching for information in regards to a script or just because.


Royal Autumn Entertainment (Owner and Lead Creative) Nazareth College Alumni Association Geva Theatre Center (Official Videographer) JCC CenterStage (Official Videographer/Media Technologist/Dramaturge) Method Machine (Playwright in Residence/Dramaturge)


B.A. Theatre Arts, Nazareth College of Rochester 2007

Past/Present Clients

Nazareth College of Rochester Method Lab Nuts and Bolts Radworks Wilson Magnet High School JCC CenterStage Geva Theatre Center SE Video

What do you like about this subject?

I love writing because I learn something about the world I live in. Whether it's years ago or present...I discover these gems and it's like a treasure hunt. I love the feeling of discovery.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Writing is a process...patience is what it requires.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

I love creating characters and worlds, I love watching them grow over the course of...however long we see them for.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Writing isn't a piece of cake, if it were a lot more people would try to take a bite. Oh wait, they do...but it's not easy.

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2015-05-27 Question about Title Page:

Sorry this so long to respond to, I had to do a bit of research on scripts and precedents. For all purposes, I would just put on the title page:          SCRIPT  

2014-12-18 Favorite novel.:

Honestly, it depends on what genre of Shakespeare's plays you like. And just for future reference, we don't call his writing novels. They are dramatic literature, stage plays...that's not to sound condescending

2014-09-15 Comedy Screenplay:

I think what you should do is figure out, what you are trying to say or comment on. Most comedies are rooted in a commentary, even in jest, comedians and comedy writers are trying to comment or say something

2014-06-27 script writing:

Often times Voice Over is used to give a character an internal monologue or dialogue. Generally other characters cannot hear this dialogue as well. Other times it is used to introduce us to the story.

2013-06-22 Copyright:

I would highly recommend copyrighting your screenplay and I would also suggest doing it with the Library of Congress versus WGA. Once you have a draft completed, I would even say Draft 1, if you are extra


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