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Essays--I can assist students with questions concerning the process of writing an essay including preparation of an outline, development of a topic, development of the thesis statement and topic sentences, and paragraph development. I can assist students in helping them determine the proper rhetorical modes for their essay (narration, illustration, description, process analysis, comparison and contrast, and argumentation. I am able to answer questions concerning rules of style for a research paper including referencing sources. I am able to address questions regarding punctuation and grammar.

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I teach a writing workshop for the University of Phoenix (Richmond Campus) and two college courses: Essentials of College Writing and Elements of Composition.


Doctor of Management--University of Phoenix Masters in Human Resources--George Washington University B.A.--French and Linguistics, Oakland University

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2016-08-24 Multiple Morals in story:

Hello Prashant,    In my opinion, I believe that in order for a story to make sense, there is usually only one moral lesson in the narrative.    I am not an expert in the subject but I believe a story

2016-08-12 Do I say "catch up to" or "catch up with"?:

Hello Glen,    I prefer sentences #2 and #4.  Sentence #3 could be confusing because it could mean you are catching on what is going on with your classmates.  Sentence #1 is clear because you specify English

2016-07-28 help:

Apsara,    The first step is to create a thesis sentence for your essay such  as "Walking is important to one's health as it not only provides exercises but being exposed to the sunlight helps the body

2016-07-10 Usage of the word "influence":

Hello Glen,    Sentence 1 is correct as it is written.    Sentence 2 is also correct the difference is the verb tense.      Sentence 3 is a bit confusing because it does not explain on whom the influence

2016-03-03 difference.. c:

Hello Hame,    The difference between the two sentence is just a difference in verb tense--past versus future.  In A, the speaker/writer has already committed the book into his/her memory.  In B, the speaker/writer


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