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I can answer a broad range of questions about both academic and creative writing. I can answer questions about APA format, research and references, essay structure and more. I am particularly helpful in the areas of character development, storyline development, etc. and I can provide authors with an array of tools to help them organize their work.

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I minored in English for my Bachelor's degree. I have also written several books and I run a small publishing company. I have written both fiction and non-fiction books and I have been published in newspapers and written articles for major internet websites.


Alpha Chi, Psi Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, APA


MS, Educational Psychology, BS Psychology (English minor)

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Recent Answers from Johnathan Clayborn

2017-02-28 Use of names:

Hi Michael,     That's a good question. The general rule is it depends how much of the character you based on the person you know in real life. If you only borrowed their name but everything else about

2017-02-25 Should I translate original sources in APA:

Hi Marina,     You have the right idea, yes. In the citations for the references section you would list the original language with the English translation in brackets afterward. The in-text citations shouldn't

2016-09-19 use of the noun "fish" with plural / singular verb:

Hi Rich,     Apologies for the late reply.     In your example you would want to use "were" if you were talking about past-tense. However, in the present-tense it would be: "The fish is very abundant"

2016-09-09 Who or Whom (Part 1):

Hi Ryo,      Yes, indeed, this one can be quite perplexing.   Many sources indicate that "who" is correct because of the presence of "are", which in this case serves as a linking verb. Other sources refute

2016-09-09 Who or Whom (Part 1):

Hi Ryo,     I am well, thank you.   This is a tricky thing even for native speakers to figure out. However, there is a handy trick:     Who should be used to refer to the SUBJECT of a sentence.  Whom should


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