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Those related to general and creative writings, usage, grammar, sentence construct, conversational English, etc. We also advise on ways to improve language skills, creative write-ups, grammar, phonetics, accent, spoken English, interview handling tips, group discussion, debating, public speaking, etc.

Experience in the area

I have been the co-ordinator of Easy Elite English, which delas in training youth in English Speaking and Communication Skills, Writing, Public Speaking, Debating, etc. I develop teaching materials, both audio-visuals as well as text, and also am the head of faculty training.


LEWWWP, Integrated Youth Education Resource, EEE, EFL, TCW, TEL.


I have several blogs and e-publications. Published poems and short stories in national dailies, international magazines and e-zines. Author of ICSE Computer Applications - school textbook for Class X students.


After my graduation, did special research online on teaching English [spelling, pronunciation, sentence construct, etc] to elementary children. Now I have the qualification to conduct online classes. Member of several global English Learning and Teaching Centers as well as Honorary teacher at LEWWWP.

Awards and Honors

Regarded as the most helpful voluntary teacher in several sites. Got the best Faculty Trainers Award from EEE.

Past/Present Clients

Now I am self-employed, other than working as a Content developer and faculty Training and Placement Head for EEE and Integrated Youth education Resource. A voluntary teacher at Learning English With World Wide Perspective.

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Recent Answers from SKUMAR IYER

2017-02-06 compound word:

In all my searches, I have come across yardwork as a single word.   However, yard work is equally permissible, though perhaps less popular / common in use.    In some cases, compound words

2016-11-14 question:

Thanks, Nilu.    Both your sentences are correct, but convey slightly different meanings.    Present perfect continuous tense implies that the action started sometime back and is still continuing

2016-10-25 of which vs. that:

I think you have not grasped what I said.    Both which and of which are correct, but they have different meanings.    Of which refers to one / more among a group  [I have many

2016-10-25 of which vs. that:

Of which = one / more among many.     That (as a relative pronoun) means which / who (not, of which ), subject to the difference explained earlier.    I have many

2016-10-25 English Correction:

1. No mention of whose reputation. So we say HIS REPUTATION / A GOOD REPUTATION OF THE COMPANY. Moreover, I would prefer "worked" / "has been working" (as better suitable forms).    2. Walking through


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