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I am the bibliographic instruction and reference librarian at a public college. Some members of the English department recommend me to their students. I offer assistance in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraph development. My master`s thesis concerns William Faulkner`s tragic novels. I formerly taught advanced placement English at two schools in the Philadelphia area.

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I have been one of the highest-ranked volunteers in this category for more than a decade.


B. A. and M. A in English; MSIS in Library & Information Sciences; graduate study in philosophy

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Yangkun01/17/17101010I have trust in you, Ted Nebsbitt .....
Paolo01/16/17101010Thank you.
Paolo01/16/17101010Thank you.
Paolo01/16/17101010Thank you.
Soniq01/15/17101010Thank you so much for the response .....

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2017-01-16 I love novels by Ken Follett:

Dear Paolo:    Which of the following sentences is/are correct?    1) I love novels by Ken Follett.    2) I love Ken Follett's novels.    3) I love Ken Follett novels.    If all three are possible, do

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2017-01-13 RE: That vs. Which:

Dear Paolo:    Don't apologize.      Some time ago, I promised myself that I would no longer answer questions pertaining to "which or that."  Usually the question has to do with what situations call for

2017-01-13 During the last week:

Dear Paolo:    At the time of writing this, it's Friday evening (at least in Italy). I've just completed a Facebook survey. Some of the questions I answered were these (...of this type):    1) During the


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