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I can (hopefully) answer any and all Superman-related questions on Comics, Movies, TV, Animation, Radio, etc...

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I maintain the "Superman Homepage" at

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Recent Answers from Steven Younis

2016-12-09 "Childrens" comic books?:

Hi Adam,    Were they specifically Superman comic book stories or just other comic books in general? Unfortunately, my knowledge is focused on the area of Superman comics only, and I don't recall anything

2016-09-18 I want to know where to start reading some comics:

As a Superman expert, I really can't answer the Batman side of your question. But for Superman comic books, if you really want to get into older comics, I'd suggest you start with the revamp in 1986.

2016-01-11 Questions for a project :):

Which one would you say is better - Marvel or DC? Why?    I've always preferred DC Comics, because I feel their universe of superheroes are more household names. Everybody knows Superman, Batman and Wonder

2012-06-06 1975 Superman Sleeping bag:

Hi Sabrina,    In regards to the reprint comic - back in 1975 there was a reprint of "Action Comics #1" that had a coupon on the back cover where you could mail in and buy one of the sleeping bags. The

2011-12-21 TPB repair:

There is an article on repairing comic books at:    However, if it's a valuable book you should maybe contact:


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