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I`ve been collecting comics for over 40 years and am able to answer most questions regarding comics, creators, fandom and the industry from the Golden Age through to today`s comics, with an emphasis on super and action heroes and most of my expertise ranges in the Silver to Modern Ages. My expertise lies in DC Comics/National Periodical Publications, although my general knowledge extends well into Marvel, Tower, Archie, Charlton & many of the "Independent" companies that began in the late 70`s & 80`s. I do have some knowledge of the Western, Funny Animals, Romance and other genres, but to a lesser degree, so please don't grade me on specific knowledge of these areas if you choose to ask me questions on those topics. For questions related to or similar to "How much are my comics worth?", please see my website, which will provide quick answers and tools for you to obtain those answers at:


Experience in the area

I have been a comics reader/fan for over 42 years now and have followed industry trends from distribution to creation to fandom to retail and back again. I have had articles and letters published in Comic Buyers Guide, Comic Book Marketplace, Comic Effect, have appeared on several comic book podcasts and have several websites dedicated to comics at:


If there's a question I don't know the answer to, I usually know who to ask and have been providing online information to a wealth of inquirers for over 10 years now. I'll do my utmost to answer your question, whether it is simple or in-depth, as long as it isn't: "How much are my comics worth?" - that question can be answered by visiting my page at:

Basics of Comics Collecting


Comic Buyers Guide, Comic Book Marketplace, Comic Effect and opinions & writings mentioned or featured on several podcasts.


Baccalaureate of Science, Eastern Michigan University Panelology Studies w/ Robert Beerbohm, Mark Evanier, Scott Shaw, Ron Goulart, Jim Steranko, Roy Thomas and Q & As with Bob Rozakis, Elliot S. Maggin and John Byrne.

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I'm always finding out new things with questions from AllExperts inquiries and I enjoy researching and learning!

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Recent Answers from Brian G. Philbin

2017-03-20 Forged/Reprint Amazing Fantasy 15?:

Hi, Matt!    I do know of a a few reprints, but they're colored differently - most typically, the cover has a different color, other than the brownish background the original has. See here:    https://www

2017-02-20 follow up:

Thanks, Danny - I'm glad that it helped!     I do always try to give as much information as possible, even if I can't directly answer the question & I'm happy that it was of use this time out!    Pax,

2016-12-29 Different cover art:

Hi, Raul - thanks for your question.    What you're looking at is not a cover, but the first page of the comic. You see the indicia at the bottom of that page? At that time, it was always at the bottom

2016-10-01 Cover Mix-up:

Hello, Steve!    Thanks for your question!    Yes, these types of mistakes do exist. However, they are typically double covers with the same cover, rather than from a different Comic Book. In this particular

2016-09-18 need some help finding a starting point in some comics:

Hi, Grant -     Thank you for your question!    There is some difficulty in pinning down when the "serious" nature of Batman might have begun. Or, for that matter, what you yourself might consider "serious"


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