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Collector since I was 8, never thrown any comic away in all that time (45 years!). Expertise in Marvel and DC superhero comics but also knowledgeable about a variety of independents as well. Know a lot about 1960s and 1970s stuff. NOT an expert on prices or relative commercial values -please don't ask what a comic is worth.

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Several decades of comic reading and collecting.


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2016-09-18 help finding a starting point in some comics:

Bit of a broad question to answer.    Comics started getting 'darker' in the 1980s. A turning point was Watchmen by Alan Moore. Try picking up the series you're interested in from the late 1980s and see

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There are a few different versions of Sandman around. Was it something like this?    Or was it older, like this?    http://westfieldcomics

2014-11-28 General comic book questions:

1. What do you think are the difficulties for someone who wants to get into comics?    That depends what level you want to "get into". Professional levels are very difficult, but there are always possibilities

2014-04-01 Information on Wolverine:

What is it about Wolverine that keeps the fans coming back?  Why do people relate with him?    Because of the underlying dichotomy in his character: he is gruff, aggressive, unapproachable and yet compassionate


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