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Questions related to collecting Glass Insulators and porcelain insulators - I can provide historical information as well as current collector values. I am also interested in purchasing insulators I need for my collection.

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I have collected since the early 1970's and have much historical information, as well as knowledge of current insulator values.


National Insulator Association (


BS & MS in Electrical Engineering

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Insulators date back to the 1840's for Telegraph, 1870's for Telephone, and 1890's for electrical transmission. There is a tremendous amount of history represented by these everyday objects!

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2017-02-10 lefferts hook insulator in original block:

Awesome find!  Can you attach some pictures - it should be as simple at?  You mention unscrewing the insulator - the typical Leffert's hooks have a slot and a nail through the wooden block with secure

2017-01-13 lynchburg insulator:

Thanks for your question.  We identify this style as a CD 106.  This style was made by many different companies including Lynchburg glass.  Lynchburg made a number if insulator styles but in lower quantities

2016-11-02 Armstrong Glass Insulator:

I would assume your Armstrong No. 3 insulator is in clear glass.  The Armstrong cork company bought out the Whitall Tatum glass company in the 1940s and made insulators through the 1950s.  We identify

2016-09-18 Hemingray:

Thanks for your question.  We identify your Hemingray No. 12 as a CD 113.  It is a telephone insulator and is an exchange style which supports two wire grooves. These were made by Hemingray glass (based

2016-06-30 insulator:

GLADCO confirms is it likely an insulator -- this is similar to rests for heavy insulated cables.  The color is called skyglaze and it typical on modern insulators.  GLADCO stands for Gladding Ceramic


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