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I can answer almost any question about residential construction / renovation

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I have worked as a General Contractor for 25 yrs. in 10 states.


BA in Architecture

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Dave02/19/16101010Thanks for your help! I appreciate it .....
Ann12/07/15101010Always helpful and knowledgeable.
John10/07/15101010Thank you so much!

Recent Answers from Glen W

2016-02-17 driveway mistake:

Yikes! I dislike people in my industry that try and take advantage of people.....immensely.....  Anyway. Contact an actual driveway repair company and get a quote and see if they can go over what was put

2016-01-17 basement support posts wisconsin:

Hi Tom. LVLs are manufactured in different strength categories. To answer this question in truth you will need to know which category yours fits into. I will say that most LVLs are very strong and you

2015-10-06 grout mistake:

Absolutely. Get some muratic  acid (Home Depot) and dilute it to 30% acid 70% water. Use gloves and pour a little on the oops. Let is sit a min or so and then with a wire brush and putty knife start working

2015-09-04 water heater:

Wow Paul......probably the most interesting question I have had in a long time.......love it......  OK so really I would need to see the configuration of the piping to see what order of demand is on the

2015-08-26 Asphalt?:

Asphalt would be fine in this instance. However if it were me I would install crushed stone and pavers (Big ones) to aid with the drainage. Once you hard surface an area that water has to go somewhere


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