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I can provide advice on the proper design, construction, maintenance, restoration, preservation, cleaning and waterproofing of log homes. Questions concerning proper cleaning, sealing, staining and waterproofing are within my area of expertise. My expertise includes new construction and existing log structures. Chinking application or restoration, log replacement and repair are also in my area of expertise.

Experience in the area

40 years experience in the log home and construction industries, 10 years in specialty contracting, 30 years in the log home field. We have designed, produced, supplied and built over 3,000 log homes and restored/repaired over 600 log homes. See more information at our web site: www.woodhouseloghomes.com.


Authored a monthly column expressing the Vice President and General Manager's "Observations and Insights" distributed to 300 employees and management.


BS degree in accounting, University of Illinois, 1963. Master of Business Administration degree, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Numerous relevant seminars including an intense two week business administration seminar, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, 1978. National Home Builders Association Graduate Builders education program.

Awards and Honors

National Honor Society Student, Illinois State Academic Scholarship, Dean's List.

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Randy06/18/16101010Thanks for the quick, helpful response!

Recent Answers from Len Kroll

2016-12-04 basement stove:

Hi Richard, absolutely not!!  Building codes require fire stops between multiple levels in a building to prevent fire spread.  Fire stops are materials that impede fire spread that have a rated burn through

2016-07-17 Exterior 6 panel pro steel metal core door:

You can cut it but a steel door has a core that is not intended to be exposed to the weather.  If you cut it it will be exposed and the cut edge would likely rust or deteriorate over time.  It also compromises

2016-06-13 Using a ship auger bit:

Hi Randy,    You didn't say what size drill you are using.  A 3/8" drill won't do it; you need a 1/2" drill.  We drill, using a ship's auger, 1 1/8" holes from 9" to 15" deep about 20 to 70 times on every

2016-03-28 Project:

Ethan, I'd be happy to help you if I can, but I need to know more to determine if I can be of any help.  you didn't give contact info for your instructor.    Len Kroll  Wood House Log Homes LLC  8346 Nubbin

2015-12-27 Bench:

James, send me an email at len@woodhouseloghomes.com and I'll reply with a simple sketch.    Racking is, in essence, collapsing sideways.  It occurs when a weight supported by posts, or a typical frame


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