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Licensed Architect in Virginia since 1984.
New Homes, Additions, Alterations, Outbuildings, Failure Forensics;
Small Construction Projects; Remediation and Repair


Experience in the area

Architectural design, planning, construction and repair.
Schematic Design
  objectives statement
  space planning
  feasibility study
  structural, mechanical, plumbing
    and electrical system integration
Permit Drawings
Construction Drawings
Contract Documents
Construction Administration
  construction management
  pre-qualification of bidders
  general and/or sub contracting
  construction progress and
    construction contract review and interpretation
  pay request certification
Construction failure diagnostics
  water intrusion
  structural failures, ...

Due to life safety concerns regarding some aspects of construction I may not be able to help with all questions.
I do not answer structural specification questions without a site visit.


Arlington Journal


5 year Bachelor of Architecture from
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VPI-SU)

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Recent Answers from Thomas Buford

2016-04-18 new house:

Flash and batt is another method of insulating a building.  From your problem of not having heating or cooling on the third floor the issue does not sound like anything a variation in insulation would

2016-01-01 Urine soaked subfloor:

I have never had reason to use it, but there are products advertised that report removing animal smells if that remains to be part of the problem.    You seem more to be saying the plywood is wet and does

2015-07-09 Rehab Issue:

There is not much I can tell you without seeing the damage.    Mold is in the air so if the interior was soaked and it is above 50 degrees you are likely to have some. Since building materials are layered

2014-11-09 picture windows:

William,    You are correct in that removing the window should be a simple task.    If the clamps are removed and the storm window is stuck in place I can only guess that it has accumulated dirt around

2014-10-13 Repairing basement door:

I would first try using a block of wood to protect the door surface and a hammer to tap along the latch side edge of the door to push it in.    Second - try removing the hinge pins. If the door swings


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