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Uwe Richard Kackstaetter, Ph.D. (Dr.K)


I can answer questions concerning minerals, mineralogy, gems, metals, and anything that has to do with geology. However, I am NOT a jeweler. Questions about values, settings, gem stone cuts and appraisals are best directed to other experts on this site. I can however aide in the identification of unknown mineral materials. As a public service and part as training for new geoscientists, our university department provides FREE mineral identification for individuals. Please contact me for details or go to for details..

Experience in the area

I am a professor of applied geology and mineralogy with many hours of field experience. Furthermore, I enjoy recreational gold prospecting and mineral collecting. As a professor I am engaged in research concerning minerals and their occurrence.


Member of the GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America) as well as the Association of Environmental Geochemists. Member of the GSA (Geologic Society of America) Member of the AIPG (American Institute of Professional Geologists)


Here is a small sampling: Mineral-rock handbook: Rapid-easy mineral-rock determination : written for anyone interested in minerals and rocks - Proctor, Peterson, and Kackstaetter;Macmillan Pub. Co. (New York and Toronto and New York) Physical Geology Laboratory e-Manual [CD-ROM], Kackstaetter, Earth Science Education LLC Colorado Front Range Self-guided Geology Field Trips, Kackstaetter,


Ph.D. in Applied Geology and Mineralogy. I am actively teaching courses in mineralogy and a variety of field courses with mineral collecting opportunities. Background in precious metal exploration.

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Recent Answers from Uwe Richard Kackstaetter, Ph.D. (Dr.K)

2017-02-11 Quartz crystal and sphatik:

Mineralogically speaking, Quartz and Spatik (Short for Spartikam) are the same thing, silicon oxide or SiO2. Spartikam is the name for Quartz in prominent Indian languages and is a sacred stone in the

2017-01-26 Tin deposit:

Hi Waqar,    Tin is a silver-gray metal. It is one of the famous metals used during the Bronze age, where it was mixed with Copper to make Bronze. Use of tin started as early as 3000 BC. Pure tin is believed

2017-01-04 Green Stones in Bracelet:

Hi Yolanda,    There are some simple self tests you can do to narrow the identity of the green stones. Here are some of the answers on this subject that I have given before:

2017-01-02 Gold Ring:

Hi Lisa,  I am not a jeweler, just an expert in minerals and certain metals, but my understanding is that PSD is a manufacturers mark, especially if it is printed right after the 14k.  Gold plating marks

2016-12-15 Removing varnish from amber:

Hi Ruby,    This is going to be a difficult one. Amber is a natural resin and resins can be dissolved in / attacked by various solvents. However, real amber that has hardened over millions of years is


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