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all info pertaining to australian opals and opal fields is ok. online valuations is difficult but not entirely impossible. Photographs of stones should clearly show weight in carats and scale in mm. naturally photographs of opals are the hardest thing to take as a slight shift in direction displays a new colour or plane

Experience in the area

Born into a pioneering opal family , now 48 yrs old , visited every opal field in australia, seen some of the finest stones ever produced . Sold high quality gems to japanese collectors and europeans and Americans
Have an incredible photogallery of opals ...try me !


The Directory of Australian Opal Dealers AGIOA Basel Gem Fair
Iwaki Dinosaur Fair Ibaragi Prefecture Japan
International Jewelry Tokyo .
Hong Kong Jewellery Show , Bankok Jewellery Show, Hiroshima Exhibition of Fine Gems, Tokyo International Jewellery Fair . various gem and jewellery WEBSITES


Sydney Grammar School graduate

What do you like about this subject?

That you can not just learn this information from a book without a lifetime of handed down experience.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

That beauty in the natural world of gemstones has no price .

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Gem Opal is much more rare than average Diamond. Gem opal are becoming more difficult to find as the easy ground has all been worked in Australia . Only some extraordinary events will see exploration into fringe areas in Australia. Its almost like Mars ! There just might be an asteriod or planet that has properties similar to the Opal ...wouldnt that be wild !

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

There is no more opal being made by mother earth . 96% of the worlds gem opal comes from Australia. There is no known way of detecting precious opal . Once upon a time it was sought after from all corners of the world, now everybody almost has everything . Not everyone loves opal but those that do still have the ability to dream in colour beyond the square !

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Jo Ann08/29/16101010Thank you. I guess I should have .....
Kavinda04/07/16101010Thanks Rod, for the interesting info.. indeed .....
Margaret08/10/15My question was such a simple one .....
shawn01/25/15101010 it was andamooka matrix, thank you .....
Sally12/27/141010Awesome prompt response. Thank you so much .....

Recent Answers from Rod Keady

2016-12-16 Black Opal:

Hi Tim ,  wow man , its taken all my life to understand Opal and value , its not something I can truelly answer in a sentence or paragraph , but many years of experience . and without sounding like a goof

2016-08-27 Orange Ethiopian Opals:

Hello Jo Anne,  Thank you for your question ...  Ive seen many Ethiopian Opals on EBAY , they appear to in abundance at present .  Although the colour looks terrific .Ethiopian Opals are Hyrophane  ( that

2016-04-06 White Opal pendant:

Hi Kavinda,    Thanks for your question, yes it does look much older than 35 yrs judging the setting and the polish ...Its most likely a Coober Pedy South Australian Opal, possibly from the "12 mile..

2015-12-27 white gold / silver ring:

Hi Krissy ,  Sorry to say I have honestly never heard of such a number being stamped .  Its usually a sign of purity of the gold but   this one is a mystery .Im sorry Im of no use to you with this one

2015-01-21 Andamooka opal:

Hi Shawn ,    Cool !!! ... Andamoooka is one of my favourites ...  butt he big question is ...Is it Opal or Matrix Opal ? without seeing it  I can only offer the following    If its solid Opal ...definatley


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