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I am a Reiki master, psychic intuitive and monthly starcast writer.

Directed by my spiritual team, I offer accurate psychic guidance using the tarot, numerology, astrology and dream coaching to provide insight on your situation. The types of topics you can me ask about include relationships, dreams, life purpose, energy work, numerology and angel messages.

Please note: Since I volunteer my time and services on AllExperts, I can only answer one free question per customer over the age of 21. Not all questions can be selected, based on my schedule of availability serving my private clientele. If you have already received a reading from me in the past and/or you want a guaranteed response, you can contact me for a private session at

To have your question considered for a response, please limit your submission to ONE specific question and do not mark your question as private. Thank you for understanding.

Experience in the area

I have over 15 years of experience as a psychic intuitive sharing messages from the angelic and spiritual realm. I also write monthly forecasts featuring Tarot, numerology and astrology.


Certified Tarot Reader
Certified Angel Healer Practitioner
Certified Numerologist
Certified Reiki Master
Certified Gateway Dream Coach

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2009-04-14 Very important question:

Dear Courtney,    There is a reason you two have had many break ups and make ups which do not lead to a stable, lasting relationship. You have not been able to communicate effectively - there is a lot

2009-03-11 Searching for my soul mate:

Dear Vicky,    Yes, you will meet a wonderful man that will offer you a serious romantic relationship in your lifetime. Actually, you will encounter a few that will be great contenders for stable relationships

2009-02-27 Messages from guides and angels?:

Dear Samuel,    Your guides are encouraging you to pursue a vocation that you are passionate about, while being true to yourself. The major message I am receiving from them is that you have been indecisive

2009-02-23 friendship:

Dear April,    I'm a psychic who tells it to you straight. There is no easy way to say this but you are being used, plain and simple. He is getting his needs met, both financially and emotionally, by this

2008-12-06 Long Distance Relationship:

Dear Sasha,    Yes, I strongly feel that you and Shabahn have a soulmate connection here. You have also shared a past life that had a mother-child based relationship. The relationship in this lifetime


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