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I will help with questions: Please send me your date of birth and name. Plus anyone involved. Keep this free service ;) to one question. There will be no tolerance for meaness or being rude. XXXXXX I am here to guide you; outcomes of directions that you may or have chosen. We are in charge or our own actions and choices.. there is a different outcome of your life every twist and turn you make. If you need Please one question** Please :) I do full readings for $3.00US to $12.00US *Very affordable* Reliable* Fast contact* For immediate help* EMAIL ME **Daily free horoscopes, teachings... Paypal only Accepted

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I am a Psychic and Tarot Reader, palm, rune stones, tea leave . My abilities include clairvoyance, and premonitions, tarot I am also empathetic and will help the best I can to my ability. I am not here to tell you answers to where you should work however if you send me a few ideas I can point you in the best outcomes... I am here to guide you with outcomes of directions that you may or have chosen... We are in charge or our own actions and choices.. there is a different outcome of your life every twist and turn you make. I have had premonitions since my mother can remember predicting such things as family troubles and woes before happening, moving on to neighbors predicting there twins a month before conceiving. Telling a perfect stranger to get her arm looked after and that I saw her in trouble very soon, finding out there was a blood clot 2 days later in the arm. I see things and I will try to help guide you. We all have roads to travel there is no right and wrong however there is an outcome for each and every decision. I have been giving readings professionally for over 15 years


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THE ANGLIA SCHOOL OF PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT ADVANCED DIPLOMA PROFESSIONAL Such courses include: Past Lives and spiritual guidance TAROT CONSULTANCY COURSE Dreams interpretation course through Local College Crystal and gem healing and auras course

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ordained reverened with Universal Life Church August 3 2008

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Everything I enjoy this alot. However keep in mind this is a free service please limit it to ONE question as there are others on here as well who need just as much help ad guidance Thank you

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I wanted to say a special thank you July 4th 2009 for your kind kind words and comments they are very encouraging... You make my day!!!

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I am on keen as well :) as If you would like a few free minute on keen to contact me, email me :) Also on Ebay: Chairity.Powerful_readings

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I apologize but this is a free service I have alot of other questions to answer by others! I will gladly take this on a personal level and answer all of your questions I answer 3 questions for $6.00US.. Reg Keep in mind I have to work as well this helps pay for my apartment and take care of my son + able to answer all of these free answers :). I hope you understand

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Salvatrice06/09/12101010Thank you so much!
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Question:   I  have been unemployed for so august i selected for an company they asked me to join from September.   my question is:   Could you please tell me if I will be staying with my new company

2010-11-07 relationship possibilities?:

Many thanks Catherine!  It is an honor! thank you! I rarely come on here... but form time to time its nice!    Well first of all I want you to know he appears very sincere.  The 4 of wands tells me he

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Dearest Marcy   Many thanks for your question and I wish you all the luck and good spirits and karma :) To follow in this chosen and given path...    I would like you to know that if you ever need any

2009-10-25 My Life:

Drew congratulations on all your hard work and all the successes.  Isnt life frusturating when we think we are finally getting somewhere.. After working so hard.  :)  But there always seems to be something

2009-10-25 relationship:

Dear Andrea...    When I look at your cards ..  The first card is about Ridding yourself of I cant or could never.. Leading to a new beginning.. Often a project, can mean a new job, opening doors learning


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