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Hello! To get a brief free reading - I ask only 2 details (First Name & Year of Birth). I don't answer finance or health questions. Paid reading

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1-3 random cards are pulled out of my Gipsy cards deck - these cards give direct answers that are not sugar-coated. Ultimately whatever the cards say, the decision is in your hands :)


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2015-03-04 Free Brief Reading:

I'm not an astrologer, neither are my cards - the cards are however saying that happiness is where you make it to be, maybe your current boyfriend isn't so expressive and there's a disconnection between

2015-02-28 another shot at love?:

Strangely enough the cards are saying when you make the decision to allow a bunch of women that care about you find you a meaningful relationship! It can happen very fast then! But you're not sure that's

2015-02-27 Friendship:

The cards are saying you're hoping to recreate the happiness you had with him, it's like you feel the love (or the friendship) between both of you was stolen by another lady; you'd love to begin again

2015-02-26 Love:

Hello Demi - I hope you took the time to read my profile where you will have seen that I will only answer one question briefly! I value my time and energy too ! The cards are saying the problems between

2015-02-26 love:

The cards are saying how well do you really know each other? 7 years is a long time, but are you best friends and lovers? Or is it just a routine relationship that you're having? Before you reach 'the


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