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Only for 21+ and above - respect my time & energy and ask only ONE question please :) Provide first names/birth year all involved. Thank you :)

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I will draw 1-3 oracle/Lenormand cards - sometimes your question will not be fully answered - so please word your question as you like.


Everyone is psychic, some just choose not be.

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2014-04-21 True Love???:

Using my tarot deck - only one card has been dealt - Two of Pentacles - this is not a card that screams out 'this is the one etc' instead it talks about a need to slow down and think about what it is you're

2014-04-20 Re; Love:

Edit: I have seen that I answered this question yesterday - but you didn't receive it  You answered this question on 04/20/14  Questioner: Whitney  Category: Psychics  Private: No  Subject: Re; Love  Question:

2014-04-19 Will I find work soon?:

Using Lenormand cards - Letter, Path, Stork - through effort on your part, one of which involves removing the doubts that you have that you will find a job, communications (email, phone call, text message

2014-04-19 My boyfriends mother:

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." Carl Jung, famous Swiss psychologist    card 1 Dawn, new beginnings; a new day is dawning in your life (pregnant

2014-04-17 Relationship:

Using Lenormand cards - Rings - Tower - Child - Not a good sign, with the Tower card being the central card, as it's showing isolation between commitment and starting over/that there are kids involved


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