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1-3 random cards are pulled out of my Gipsy cards deck - these cards give direct answers that are not sugar-coated. Ultimately whatever the cards say, the decision is in your hands :)


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2015-01-21 Is this really the end?:

Lenormand cards: Letter, Lady, Book - I can only answer one question freely, so I just left it to the cards to give you an answer, which shows that a man has entered Sarah's life, the cards are not saying

2015-01-13 fate:

Lenormand: House, Coffin - unlikely Leonora, but well done on you for refusing Cedric's advances seeing as he had already committed himself to another relationship. Because of that, I'm drawing 3 further

2015-01-12 Relationship:

Lenormand cards: Coffin, Path, Stars - complicated answers, so you have to ask yourself what love means to you. There is a passionate attraction between the both of you but is it love, and you will (or

2015-01-10 Love:

Lenormand cards: Anchor, Dog, Mountains - There's huge obstacles between the both of you right now, you want to be friends but do you share the same goals? is it just intimate relationships that keep you

2015-01-09 sister s future life:

Lenormand cards: Clover, Fish, Moon - there's potential energies around Nayana to get a move on with her life, but no one can force her to do so, she has to take personal responsibility. The cards are


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