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I use Lenormand cards - because it has faster accurate responses :)


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2014-08-31 Unite:

Lenormand cards - Snake, Moon, Letter - the cards are implying that this relationship was on the rocks because of a mistrust in communications, an affair on the sides? (but was it this relationship or

2014-08-29 love:

Lenormand cards - Stars, Snake, Book - There's new beginnings in the works of your life Kaamini, the cards are stating that nothing is set in stone (i.e. soulmate/ marriage) this leads me to think that

2014-08-29 Is there hope?:

Lenormand cards - Tower, Birds, Moon - the cards are hinting that you should keep in contact with the legal authorities, persist with your application by ringing up every so often rather than hoping things

2014-08-28 Reunite:

Lenormand cards - Bear, Ring, Book - there's a presence of a dominant female saying/meddling that Dave & you are not suitable for each other, I am not being shown who she is but there was a reason this

2014-08-27 Love:

Lenormand cards - Bouquet, Key, Coffin - Eesh Blanca, it's your energies :P you got to stop hating your single life, and starting loving your single life... Go on dates, but with yourself! Dress up, dress


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