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Only for 21+ and above - respect my time & energy and ask only ONE question please :) (this means if I have read for you in the tarot section, you can't ask again) but you can ask more questions here :) Provide first names/birth years of all involved. Thank you :)

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I will draw 1-3 oracle/Lenormand cards - sometimes your question will not be fully answered - so please word your question as you like.


Everyone is psychic, some just choose not be.

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2014-04-24 trusting...:

Using Lenormand cards - Coffin, Clouds, Birds - one/both of you have not been very honest in the way you have been communicating to each other, this has led to stale negative energies lurking around -

2014-04-24 Love:

Using Lenormand cards - Lily, Clouds, Fox - there's uncertainty within the relationship now, energies of not communicating honestly to each other... but this is an ongoing issue, so is there feelings of

2014-04-23 Tarot Reading:

Using my Tarot deck - Card 1. Three of Pentacles; people appreciate you but you are just at the beginning stages of what it is you're trying to achieve. You cannot pursue a career yet because the seed

2014-04-23 reading:

Using Lenormand cards - Birds, Lady, Moon - you're looking to repair the damage by trying to get into communications with John, but is he listening? I feel he needs space to breathe... at present I cannot

2014-04-23 Tarot Reading:

We're all psychic Jessica - you don't need me to guide you with this :) the way I see it (just my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own view...) everyone is psychic, but some are 'more so' because


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