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Finance, Health questions not answered. ONE question accepted only if you're >20 years old, include your name(s) and date of birth(s) of all concerned. Thanks :)

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1-3 random cards are pulled out of my Gipsy cards deck - these cards give direct answers that are not sugar-coated. Ultimately whatever the cards say, the decision is in your hands :)


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2014-12-14 Love affair?:

Cards drawn: Birds, Mice, Lily - you both are drawn to each other sexually, but the cards do not say about any both of you being together long-term. He finds you very sexy, and if you both allow there

2014-12-12 Job Related:

Cards: Clouds, Bear, Bouquet - the cards speak about you being micro-managed, that will always be there, if you can't cope with that, then consider finding a new job or changing your reaction to the attitude

2014-11-27 relationship problems:

Lenormand cards - Heart, Whip, Garden - tensions between each other are not good, and covering up problems and walking away doesn't resolve anything. New beginnings with each other are only possible if

2014-11-20 relationship:

Gypsy cards drawn for you today - Thought, Sweetheart, Jealousy - it appears Jessica that you are thinking too much about Reggie than is deemed healthy, and this is creating defensive energies from his

2014-11-20 my life:

Gypsy cards drawn for you today - Widow, Hope, Some Money - if you keep thinking you're going to fail you will. Hold onto hope that you will get yourself out of this situation and you will have the determination


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