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Only for 21+ and above - respect my time & energy and ask only ONE question please :) Provide first names/birth year all involved. Thank you :)

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I will draw 1-3 oracle/Lenormand cards - sometimes your question will not be fully answered - so please word your question as you like.


Everyone is psychic, some just choose not be.

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2014-04-17 relationship:

Using Lenormand cards, Key - Crossroads - Mice - Whip - Coffin - he was your karmic soul mate, so this means that the both of you met to learn lessons together, and when one/both of you learnt it, his

2014-04-16 career choice:

Using Lenormand cards Stars - Heart - Stork and Moon - you are following your heart Michele, new beginnings are always possible again, the Moon card tells you that you're a sincere and honest person who

2014-04-16 Job perception:

Using Lenormand cards Bear - Heart - Tree, and last card Bouquet - If you're focused too much on playing power games rather than actually growing steadily one step at a time in your company, then it all

2014-04-16 John Michael:

card 1 Waterfall, effortless; you are falling towards the edge of a waterfall and you are fighting to resist the natural flow of everything. Allow yourself to fall without seeking to control the outcome

2014-04-16 Love life?:

card 1 Iceberg, submerged; you're denying a chunk of your emotions from your consciousness and at what you feel like 'bad timing' will jump out of the shadows. Use this time now to deal with all that you


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