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2014-10-23 divorce:

Lenormand cards - Garden, Tower, Book - all mysterious what/when anything will happen as money and spiritual matters seem to be important for her wellbeing, she's feeling lonely with you & daughter, like

2014-10-21 will they pay?:

Let's change the question - seeing as I have been volunteering here for a long time, tuning into so many people's energies, will anyone pay me by November? Lenormand cards - Book, Lady - it's all mysterious

2014-10-21 will i find work in 2014?:

Lenormand cards - Heart, Stork, Fox - yes you get a job where you will be very happy. But no job lands into your lap just because the cards say so, you have to go out and make it happen, then you will

2014-10-20 Improved economic situation ??:

Lenormand cards - Gentleman, Snake, Garden - this difficulty probably started due to a white lie on your part in a social scene, the cards aren't saying anything about changing soon simply that it's going

2014-10-16 Love:

:) okay you sounded very familiar, I had a look through my records (so many many pages!) and saw that you didn't read my profile as requested back in July for me to give you a reading, i.e. all I needed


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