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returns 12/31/2017

Hello! A Warm Welcome!

I need your first name, your birth date (example: FEB 4), A PHOTO, and one SPECIFIC question. Questions without photos or birth dates will not be answered. If your question concerns others, include their first names and birth dates. I will tell you exactly what I feel.

I can help advise you intuitively with issues regarding your family, loved ones, friends, and ancestors. I strongly focus on career, vocation, and lifestyle changes and challenges.

I DO NOT ACCEPT FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS or new questions within three months of the last reading because I want to get to as many people as I can. I appreciate feedback; your honesty will help me do a better job.

I will not answer questions from those younger than 21, or any medical, legal, or religious questions; such questions should be directed to a licensed, professional physician, attorney, or leader of your faith.

I Wish All Who Come Here Peace, Truth, and Beauty.

Experience in the area

Twenty-nine years' experience reading for friends, parties, psychic fairs, special events, and private clients, including 8 years on Certification in Astrology, 1991.


Certified Astrologer; Advanced Tarot Counseling Certification.

What do you like about this subject?

If anything seems disjointed or does not resonate, try to read between the lines and see the subtleties. Intuition is like trying to hear or see through a fuzzy radio station or TV. Keep this and all other readings, then review them in six months or a year, when they may make more sense. Time does not exist here as it does in spirit.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

If what I say or the outcome is undesirable, change it to your advantage. YOU have the power of change; I'm just an interpreter of energy. YOU control and manifest your life's events. Do everything with clarity, focus, and intention, and you will have done the best you can.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

I can do readings on CELEBRITIES or PUBLIC FIGURES as well, but please mark them "Private." Use the same instructions as above and attach a photo or link to a photo or brief video.

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tatjana07/28/16101010Thank you Shep!! God bless!!

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