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I am an experienced outdoor photographer My knowledge base includes digital Nikons, use of flash, vintage & historical cameras, and shooting both medium format and large format film. My specialty is night photography, both with or without flash set ups. I am primarily an outdoor photographer and shoot railroads, country churches, abandoned buildings, and candid people photos. I shoot a lot of travel photos in places like Canada, Scotland, Hawaii, Iceland, and of course the Northern Plains.

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Have been taking photos daily for the past 15 years, with total experience of 26 years. I have had a number of photos in magazines, including a few cover shots. I am proficient with camera gear made from the 1850s to present.


TRAINS magazine, Railroads Illustrated Magazine


Bachelor Degree from University of Kansas

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Jennifer12/14/15101010Very thorough and very knowledgable!
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Prashant S Akerkar10/19/15101010Dear Kent Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....
Alex10/09/15101010Thanks so much! Very helpful.
Prashant S Akerkar09/01/15101010Dear Kent Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....

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2016-07-14 Glow in the dark photo:

You are on the right track--you can see some glow.  This is going to take somewhat expensive professional gear.  I'd start with an f1.4 lens, such as a 50mm f1.4.  Camera would optimally be a full frame

2016-07-14 Glow in the dark photo:

This will be difficult.  I'd try getting the ball glowing as much as possible, and have it secured so it can't move  (double sided sticky tape?)  Camera on tripod, focus on ball and then switch off autofocus

2015-10-19 Digital Camera with internal microphone and speaker.:

There are some larger cameras that allow you to record a very short message with the built in microphone, but I'm not sure which cameras those are.  It's likely some people find that useful, although now

2015-10-17 Digital Camera with internal microphone and speaker.:

Digital cameras already have a small microphone in them, usually a stereo one.  (The speaker is not stereo.)  They are also designed so you can attach a bigger one and plug it in.    Regards,  Kent in

2015-08-31 Hybrid Digital Camera Waterproofing.:

Many kinds of cameras have waterproof housings made specifically for that model.  These can be found at B&H Photo Video.  I think there are also vinyl bags made that allow for small cameras to be used


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