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I have used SLR cameras for 30 years and have taught classes on photography at work for my co-workers. I had a darkroom for 20 years, but now am using mostly digital cameras. I can answer questions on equipment and techniques for photography, but am not an expert on specific model numbers of cameras or accessories.

What do you like about this subject?

Taking photos.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I would like to help others get started and learn about the fun of photography.

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Victor05/11/15101010thank you again Dave
Victor05/09/15101010Thanks you for your help !
Robert12/29/14101010Thank you.

Recent Answers from Dave Nyce

2016-07-14 shadow in corner using flash in low light:

From your attached photo, I think you mean that you see a reflection of your flash in the photo?  The easiest way to remedy this is to aim the flash unit up, halfway toward the ceiling, if your flash unit

2015-07-28 these mean the same?:

Getting the proper exposure means allowing the proper amount of light to fall on the film or sensors, according to the sensitivity of the film or sensor array.  Film sensitivity is according to ASA number

2014-12-28 Shooting 35mm negatives (macro):

Yes, having 20mp instead of 12mp will improve the resolution of the digital file.  But I think you are looking at the f stop rating the wrong way.  Your f 2.5 or f 3.5 is the widest opening available for

2013-09-07 Slide film push-processing.:

Sorry to hear about your problem.  Pushing by two stops will probably not be enough to get easily viewable results on the slide projector.  You would have to push three stops.  In either case, two or three

2013-08-03 Cell phone cameras & Digital cameras:

Older digital cameras had much lower resolution (i.e. number of pixels).  On newer cameras, you can select several levels of resolution.  Highest resolution requires the most memory space per photo.  


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