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I can answer questions about all social photography (wedding, corporate, b`nai mitzvah). All general questions about digital photography and, of course, film. Photojournalistic and travel photo questions can also be asked as that is another specialty of mine.

Past/Present Clients

McDonald's, Sprint, GE, Ford, NBC, IBM, Princess Cruises, NCL and I work the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon every year.
I have worked for The New York Times, USA Today, AP and dozens of other international and national publications. I have shot hundreds of weddings, b'nai mitzvah and corporate social events.

What do you like about this subject? a freelancer, you can go from shooting a national politician to a bar mitzvah in one hour. You are constantly moving among different economic, social and political worlds. The learning curve is steep and most fascinating. I love the variety of the profession. Not much money but....

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I want to keep learning about all the innovations in my field. The more one learns, the better one gets.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

You are combining a machine with art.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Your curiosity is never satisfied when shooting different events.

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2017-03-22 MB DPI:

Certain point and shoots do have different resolutions, so I assume you're asking after the fact. If you're using Photoshop to edit, there is a way to bump up the dpi.  It does escape me now.  Go onto

2017-03-22 MB DPI:

Normally a 3-5 mb image is already 300 dpi.  75 dpi is normally the size of an internet photo.  You could change the setting on your camera to a higher res.  Most DSLRs have a setting for that change so

2015-08-30 Combo Camera product.:

Lots of movies are now made with DSLRs but need quite a bit of extra things.  Of course, they are more mobile.  It all depends on what you are going to use the camera for: feature film, home films, fun

2015-08-26 Digital Camera interface with USB Flash drive.:

Maybe but it makes no sense.  It's just as easy to use the SD card then transfer the pix directly to the flash drive.  You would need the cord from the camera to an extension then to the flash drive. Unless

2015-05-20 Newbie question.:

Most will shoot in landscape as panorama suggests landscape.  If it doesn't work, it may be a limitation of the camera.  Read through your manual.  When first starting, I'd stick with landscape.  Master


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