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I will be happy to answer any basic HVAC question by a homeowner, installer, or technician about their split-system maintenance, repair, and installation. I would not be willing to do extensive research into the particulars of a specific system, but any homeowner looking to get questions answered about why we contractors charge what we do, explanations of why a certain part is needed, how to improve indoor air quality and basic repair. I specialize in ELECTRIC HEAT and HEATPUMPS...NOT gas or oil. Although I may be able to answer the odd question about gas and oil, please do not ask me questions pertaining to them because I am not an expert in that aspect of the field.

Experience in the area

I repaired my father's unit when I was 9, and always had an interest in the field. Became a helper at 16, and am now a certified contractor for residential systems in HVACR. So I have over 20 years experience in the field, and add about 7 more of just dabbling and study.


ACCA, Rheem Team, Trane Certified Contractors, Nordyne Distributors, a host of others.


HVAC Insider, A/C Experts, HVAC Contractor South Florida, mentioned as a reference in Trane Instructional Videos 2-5. My company was recognized in HVAC Insider in 2008, 2009, 2010, etc. I am personally mentioned in the articles pertaining to my awards.


EPA, Journeyman, Licensed contractor, NATE, Puron, Trane, Carrier, Rheem Team.

Awards and Honors

I won the ACCA technician award on the state-wide level 8 years running. This is the all-around A/C repair competition where most large companies each send their best guy to compete for the plaque. I am 12-for-17, rated as the #1 technician in Florida. I have the plaque to prove it. **I placed second in 2011, ending my 9 year run. But won it again in 2012, and the award should arrive in late January.

Past/Present Clients

Tommy Lee Jones, Santana Moss, Wayne Brandy, Jennifer Lien, Patrick Stewart, Jason Taylor, Kirsten Dunst, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Robert Picardo, Ethen Phillips, Ashley Judd, Debbie Gibson among others.

What do you like about this subject?

I enjoy getting my hands dirty fixing something. I have a high level of confidence in the field, because I have always shown a natural aptitude for it. I love problem-solving, and I love knowing that Mrs. Smith is cooling at night because of me.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I have sat in an office telling guys what to do and troubleshooting over the phone, I have climbed in an attic to rework problem areas in ductwork, I have crawled under trailers to find dead raccoons burrowed into the trunk lines. I love teaching and working in my field.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

If you don't clean your filter and wonder how your coil got dirty and ducts got moldy and your kid is coughing, it is not the manufacturer's problem...It is NOT under warranty...It is the homeowner being a moron and ignoring the basic maintenance you are told to do when it is installed...Ckean your filters, rinse the condensor, and Simple Green your drain line.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

People have been pouring bleach down the drainline forever. Bleach is chlorine, which is an acid. If you spill it on your hand, it burns. What the hell do you think it will do to your drainline pipe made of plastic? SIMPLE GREEN. It cleans, it has a degreaser, and it actually smells nice. It won't do anything if clogged already, but if clogged you should be blowing it out.

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2014-04-15 SEER Ratings:

Best bet is to directly contact Carrier Enterprises with your question.  Give them the model and serial numbers, let them tell you everything about it.  If I had to guess, it would be 10 seer or less.

2014-03-30 Old Model Trane Compressor:

How old is the condensing unit outside?  What is the model number? I may be able to find someone n your area at a better price once I find out what went wrong, what u need, etc.   I'm also in Florida so

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A window unit is cheaper, but you aren't going to find one large enough to cool the entire home.  It works if you are in only one or two rooms, but the drop-off is considerable.  Fans help a lot, good

2013-01-09 furnace:

You are correct, it is a five ton unit.  You can call Lennox to get specific statistics on the model, and by providing the serial number to them they can tell you what manufacturer warranty if any remains

2013-01-04 HVAC guys licensedto check gas leaks?:

Gas lines are mainly plumbing.  I work out of Florida, so that is the case here.  HVAC/R might be AFFILIATED with gas heat, as is a water-cooled unit...But technically, the gas and water lines in a water-cooled


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