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Questions related to "Wet Heat". This is heating your home, office etc. with radiators, panels, and convector apparatus. Steam and water heat. I can answer questions about boilers, piping,and associated parts of these systems. Please do not ask for specific information about how I feel about one boiler, etc. over another--These questions should be directed to a licensed contractor that you know of, or that your neighbors and colleagues look to to provide solutions.

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I have 20 plus years experience, which has lead to passing my state master HVAC license.




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I work on the manufacturer's side of the business currently

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Well, the picture I have uploaded is a clue. The building was photographed on what was probably the coldest day of the year during February of 2009. I would like to see investment in comfort conditioning equipment, and systems to prevent having to open a window to escape overheating in homes and buildings.

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There is hope for your system if you are currently frustrated with its performance! Heating systems of this type operate in accordance with a few choice natural laws. If you have a talented heating professional in your area get to know them. Have them check your heating system yearly (pre-season--to help them).

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As a friend of mine has said, heating systems make no allowance for budgets or for failure to adhere to the laws that govern their operation.

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2016-10-30 Gas Heat Repair:

The Hy Vent can be disassembled and cleaned according to the install guide which would restore operation.  I would suggest replacing the hy-vent, as the cost to service the unit (lower pressure, repair

2016-02-15 no heat:

Please see the attached image.    With the thermostat calling for heat, you will have the 24 volts when your meter is on terminal 1 and 2 on the zone valve head.  Most likely, if you do not have power

2016-01-20 Home addition:

Find a recommended and vetted HVAC contractor in your area and purchase the mini split system that they are dealers for.    Further, find out if a multi zone mini split would provide comfort and economy

2015-12-22 boiler not warming room:

Most boilers will allow the heater to go to maximum heat if the OD sensor fails.  So if you simulate a failure by temporarily removing a wire from the terminal where the sensor is plugged in you may find

2015-11-13 short cycling gas fired steam residential boiler:

The Thermostat that you have there is at least 30 years old.  There is a small dial near the mercury bulbs that may be set incorrectly or has failed.  There is however the possibility that there is nothing


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