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I can answer questions on gas or electric furnaces, ac units and heat pumps. I don't work on boilers,chillers,or home appliances.

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I have been in the HVAC trade for over 35 years. For the past 15 years I have owned my own business. I am semi-retired so I can answer questions in a timely manner.


I attended trade school for 5 years on weekends and evenings. This was very hard to do, but well worth it!

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Glen10/14/16101010Hello Jim: Thank you so much for .....
KEVIN08/23/16101010Great. Thanks Jim.
KEVIN08/16/16101010Great. Thanks Jim.
KEVIN 07/25/16101010Thanks Jim. I will follow-up with you .....

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2016-10-17 Furnace gas valve replacement:

Hi Adam, The S86G sends 24 VAC to the valve. So your replacement will work. I did find VR844 valves on Ebay, so you might check that out.    30 year old furnace could be dangerous, make sure you have a

2016-09-22 Your opinion, please...:

Hi Christina, Good question, average life of an AC is about 15 years. I would say the compressor is living on borrowed time.  That being said I would replace it. The three units you mentioned are all good

2016-08-14 Condenser fan issues:

Hi Kevin, It's not difficult to change the Cap. You will need to pull the disconnect outside that powers the AC. Then remove the electrical cover. Be careful with the Cap it could have a charge in it,

2016-08-13 Condenser fan issues:

Hi Kevin, I would change out the capacitor first. Should look something like this pic.    Let me know if you have any other questions. JIM

2016-07-24 Furnace leak:

Kevin, I think you found the problem. I would pull the PVC pipe out of the pump and see how much water is in it. The pump has a float in it. So if it's full of water and not running I would clean it out


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