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I can answer questions on gas or electric furnaces, ac units and heat pumps. I don't work on boilers,chillers,or home appliances.

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I have been in the HVAC trade for over 35 years. For the past 15 years I have owned my own business. I am semi-retired so I can answer questions in a timely manner.


I attended trade school for 5 years on weekends and evenings. This was very hard to do, but well worth it!

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Bob02/20/17101010Thanks so very much for your speedy .....
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Mel02/01/17101010Hi Jim, Sorry to hear about teeth .....
Mel01/26/17101010Thank you so very much Jim! I .....

Recent Answers from Jim S.

2017-02-19 Heat Pump vs. Propane:

Hey Bob, it must be beautiful in the Smoky Mountains, only seen pictures. Your design temperature is Winter 19* and Summer 92*. Perfect location for a heat pump with electric backup. Heat Pumps have come

2017-02-19 Heat Pump vs. Propane:

Hi Bob, In order to give you good advice I will need to know the design temperature for your location. Can you send me your city and state?      I'm located in NW Missouri and have a heat pump with electric

2017-02-18 Honeywell MABS EZ 2-Zone:

Hi Ben, I hear you about your back, I have started turning down service work if it evolves climbing up in an attic. But unfortunately if the furnace is in the attic then that's where the (2)dampers would

2017-02-17 Honeywell MABS EZ 2-Zone:

Hi Ben, The control panel has a " boot" button on it, try resetting it. The dampers fail to the open position so you might have a bad damper motor. Do you have a volt meter to troubleshoot the motor?

2017-02-14 Gaffers & Sattler AC/ Furnace:

Hi Roger, if the motor has been running for two years I would think its the right motor. I noticed on the motor that it needs to be oiled every two years. If the motor is dry that could cause the motor


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