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I can answer most fundamental questions about Air Conditioning and how it works. I can give advice on different services in the DFW area, as well as lend some advice as to pricing systems along with solid opinions as to quality equipment versus sub-standard equipment. I can help educate consumers with regards as to what to look for in a service company, as well as steps they can & should take when considering repairing vs replacing their A/C equipment.

Experience in the area

I was the Sr. Sales Technician for one of the most well-established HVAC (residential) companies in DFW for over 5 years. I then became the Dallas Team Leader for another well-established DFW company based out of Ft. Worth. Became the Sales Manager for an area A/C business most recently.


I have written content for several area HVAC (residential) businesses with respect to their Sales Policy manuals. I personally wrote the Sales Training Manual for a well-established DFW area HVAC company.


BS Univ of NM 1985

Awards and Honors

Million Dollar Sales Club; 2009, 2010, 2010, 2011, 2012

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Christina09/22/16101010Chuck, Thanks SO much for your comprehensive .....
Gene07/28/16101010thank you
Bob05/28/16101010Helpful pointers for screening future Central AC .....

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2016-09-22 Your thoughts, please....:

Hi Christina,    Yours is a great question. You're right, I don't have a crystal ball--but I do know one thing.... your old Trane system has been well worth whatever you paid for it, and while it has been

2016-08-26 Central ac:

Ernie,    Two things that are primary to consider when purchasing a new system:    #1-The contractor that is installing the unit.  #2-The unit itself.    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the

2016-07-27 Mold in AC ducts:

Hi,    Allow me to make a recommendation. If I were you, I would have a local indoor air quality company come to my home and actually measure the air quality FIRST. There are a couple of local companies

2016-06-21 Single speed vs two speed vs variable speed:

Rob,    Great question. The answer is "yes" ... a variable speed air handler will work with a single stage condensing unit. Basically, the condenser will deliver a certain amount of air to the a/h unit


Hi Renee,    More important than the actual brand is the contractor who actually installs the system. There are several factors to consider:    *How does this contractor rate with services like the BBB


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