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questions pertaining to refrigeration(low to high temp) and HVAC. Specialties include restaurant equipment of all types.

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35+years servicing the equipment of the Food Service Industry


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2016-09-05 Problem with a fridge,:

SOME TROUBLESHOOTING QUESTIONS:  1.  is the evaporator fan motor operational?  check by opening door & depressing door switch; light should go off, evaporator motor should start.  2.  usually, there is

2015-11-30 intermitten pilot:

hiya Charles.  I read your question and have a few things for you to check before you get too many responses telling you to change the controller.  1.  check the hi-tension wire (the thick, rubber-coated

2015-09-24 A/C techs habits:

If we're working on something that we do on a regular basis-you bet!  Usually its tech stuff i.e. wiring changes, refrigerant type, past repair(s), etc.    I'd never waste time leaving a note as to the

2015-07-05 continues to blow disconnect fuse:

according to the wiring diagram, once power is applied to the unit, the only components that will affect the fuses (without the thermostat calling for cooling)are/probably the control transformer.(marked-"transformer"

2015-07-04 continues to blow disconnect fuse:

it would be easier to diagnose with a Model#, voltage requirement.  it is possible for a PC board to blow a line fuse if the transformer on the board is shorted.


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