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Fifty + years conditioning the air.

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Answer questions about , residential and commercial. Answer questions about sheet metal fabrication. Fifty years plus experience. No answers for oil equipment, No answers for kitchen appliances, No answers for laundry appliances, I don't specialize in one particular area of the HVAC area, I'm more of a General Practitioner, Limited in refrigeration/


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2016-12-05 Question on whole house humifier:

DOUG  Get a stand alone humidifire plug it in to a 110 outlet any place in the house, Fill it with water by pan or bucket. set it to how much humidity you want.   cost about $50 at Lowes/ Home depot.

2016-06-09 Small / portable A/C unit:

Richard,  A refrigerated air conditioner unit when turned on,  first it takes the humidity out of the air before it starts to cool,  when the room air goes in the coil condensates and the water drips out

2016-05-28 Small / portable A/C unit:

Richard  If your talking about a refrigerated AC unit, They all have to drain water.

2016-04-06 trane not cooling:

al,  The outside condenser motor has a thermo  disconnect switch built in, if the motor over heats it turns off, when the motor cools the switch re-connects and runs again until it over heats again,  The

2016-01-30 HVAC Residential Cold Air Returns:

  Carl,   It is a 2 ton unit.  one ton of cooling for 400 sq feet of space.  Give or take depending on heat or cooling loss.  Top floors have more exposure to the elements,  When measuring sq footage


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