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I have been in the HVAC field for the past 18 years. I can help with most HVAC questions. I work on commerical buildings for the most part, and have yet to find anything I could not troubleshoot and repair, when repairable. I work on small 1 ton units to a 2500 ton chiller. Troubleshoot air flow, elect, and control problems. I attend regular classes to keep up with the latest and greatest.

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I work on commerical sites, hospitals, gov't buildings. I can troubleshoot just about anything in the HVAC business.


5 years trade school, VFD training classes, Liebert factory training, some York and Trane factory training.

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Always a new challange, and a different problem to solve.

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2017-02-19 Refrigerant Line:

If we were to have to run a new line set we would do what we could, then sub out anything we do not do or could not do.  (WE = the mech. company I work for).  So we would make the hole then hire a roofer

2017-01-19 Decentralized central air/heating system in senior apartment complex- ceiling ventilation vent.:

It is unlikely sewer gas is getting into the a/c system.  In many areas it is against code to do that.  A/c units normally drain onto the ground or something like that.    Without being able to check out

2016-11-27 florida heat pump:

When the sump heater was replaced, it was likely found during the repair.  It may not have been the root of the problem, but a secondary issue.  The heatpump might be on its own well, I do not know without

2016-11-24 florida heat pump:

You are lucky to have a unit stat is still running after 30 years.  Most units in FL, only last 15-20 years.    The reason to keep the oil warm is to keep the refrigerant from saturating the oil. Many

2016-11-22 florida heat pump:

The sump/crankcase heater is not going to cause the problem you are describing.  The thing I would check first is water flow.  It sounds like the unit is running for a short time then tripping on high


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