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40+ years diversified experience.An HVAC/Refrigeration Self Employed Contractor since 1986. NATE Certifield. Answer questions pertaining to Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning , Warm Air Heating, Heat Pump systems.Mechanical and Electrical troubleshooting of these systems.Be as detailed as possible when describing problem.Packaged unit or split systems.No appliance questions.

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Installation and Troubleshooting, Mechanical and Electrical, in following areas, Refrigeration ( Walk In and Reach In Coolers and Freezers ) Commercial Roof Top and Packaged Heating/Cooling ( Natural Gas,Propane, Electric, and Heat Pumps ) Computer Room Air Conditoning Systems,Commercial Residential Packaged and Split Systems Air Conditoning and Heat Pumps.Warm Air Oil , Natural and Propane Gas Heating systems.


Graduated from Private Technical School in 1975. An HVAC/Refrigeration Contractor . Have Unlimited Heating/Piping and Cooling Contractor License.Limited Sheetmetal Contractors License.NATE Certifield. York Certifield Master Heat Pump Technician 1986. Served 33 years combination Active Duty Air Force , Air Force Reserves and Air National Guard in the HVAC/Refrigeration Shop/Mechanical Shop. Troubleshooting/Installing HVAC/Refrigeration Equiptment Worldwide. Retiring in 2003 as a Senior NCO ,and a Mechanical Superintendent.

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2016-08-06 Undersized Heat pump:

John,    The first thing your really suppose to do is a load calculation to determine exactly what size system you need, as your one ton off between the two contractors. How did the first Contractor calculate

2016-06-06 Split level home considering new ac and gas furnace:

Here is Ohio rebate program , for anything from thermostats to energy star rated Central air systems . A rebate is money in your pocket, as opposed to the tax credit    https://www.aepohio.com/save/residential/programs/In-homeEnergySavings/In-homeEnergyRebatePrograms

2016-06-05 Split level home considering new ac and gas furnace:

I would go with the 95 % condensing furnace as you can get the tax credit ( have them provide you with the 7 digit AHRI  ( ahridirectory.org ) before you sign a contract. The credit is worth $300.00 and

2016-06-04 Split level home considering new ac and gas furnace:

Typically the spring and fall are ideal to replace system due to generally speaking not being as busy and they may nor rush the job.    I would go with a condensing high efficiency furnace ,they start

2016-06-02 swamp cooler question:

Easily could be the motor, they make them cheap, nowadays using sleeve bearing instead of ball. Where is the motor ultimately made , Mexico or China? You can try removing the belt and run to see if it


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