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I am an authority on the complete works of Shakespeare, and can answer any questions relating to his plays, poetry and life. I specialize in interpretation, double-meanings and translation into modern language.

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I was a top-rated Allexperts expert on this same subject several years ago.


Former member of the Danish Shakespeare Society, as well as an active participant in the scholarly SHAKSPER mailing list.


Three years of studying English literature at the University of Aarhus, Denmark

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Recent Answers from Tue Sorensen

2016-09-30 Hamlet:

Hello Stephanie,    You can only really do a perfect analysis if you have a very high level of knowledge. One of the crucial bits of knowledge is that the idea of "purgatory" was done away with in Protestantism

2016-04-22 Meaning of a Shakespearean phrase:

Hello Aly,    This exact phrase does not actually occur in "Romeo and Juliet". It is a phrase that refers to some idea of destiny, and destiny isn't a real thing (although of course some people may choose

2016-04-15 Meters used in Shakespeare's plays:

Hello Pree,    Thanks for your question. Blank verse in Shakespeare is written in iambic pentameter, and here is an excellent explanation of how it works:

2016-02-13 dark lady sonnets:

Hello,    First off, I must recommend that you go to a library and seek out some books about the sonnets. Any good book on the subject will tell you far more than I can do in a reply such as this.    The

2015-11-02 Interpreting song lyrics:

Hello Chey,    Wikipedia has an answer for you (at  "Beds Are Burning" is a protest song about giving native Australian lands back to the Pintupi, who were


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