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As an instructor of literature and the humanities, my experience is as broad as the experience I have gained in the classroom. As a published author and journalist, I have first hand industry experience. Between the two, I have the experience, knowledge, and research experience that could certainly answer any questions that may be asked of me.

Experience in the area

Quite specifically, as an instructor I am an extremely well qualified candidate as an initial resource as well as a person who knows specifically where to gather the correct information at any given time. As a published journalist and novelist, my experience broadens into the fundimental understanding of the craft and its application and business. I was also previously an AllExperts expert several years ago, and was well received by all who I helped.


Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society.


There are a tremendous amount of publications my work has appeared in and I can't list them all because of space constraints. Many newspapers, radio, and PBS programming. Also, many literary journals for both fiction and nonfiction academic work.


A.S. Wentworth Institute Of Technology
B.S. Fitchburg State College
M.A. Fitchburg State College, Thesis "The Modern Twain Epoch"

Awards and Honors

Magna Cum Laude.

What do you like about this subject?

My passion is for the Arts and Humanities. What I specifically love is transcending into a universe in literature with characters that are unlike any people that have ever existed and creating a real world around them that has never existed outside of the mind of the author.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I will continue to write, and I hope to continue to influence my students so that I may open their eyes to the wonder and excitement just as I had when I was their age, TRULY discovering literature for the first time. It is so crucial that the excitement of literature continues in our society because as technology infuses our culture more and more

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