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I can answer many (if not all) questions about collectible walkmans.

Experience in the area

Have been collecting for 4 years, I have over 450 of them from over 20 brands.


We have a mailing list at

What do you like about this subject?

There were thousands of walkman (and walkmanlike) products marketed after 1979... many had very innovative features, and many are very rare today.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I still have many on my "holy grails" list... and I have pictures of thousands of models as well as owning over 450 walkmans myself.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Sony and the other big name portable audio makers did not often send their most sophisticated models to the US market.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Sony will not release a listing of all the models they have manufactured... new and unknown ones surface almost monthly, making the search very interesting!

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Recent Answers from Tim Walters

2008-08-16 Walkman question:

I have seen several of them on ebay, but not recently... they were promo items, only made one year as far as I know.  As for the value, it is hard to say.  I just asked the forum at, you

2008-01-04 Special Edition Walkman WM-701T:

Hi,  those are pretty rare... I once owned one that was presented to Barbara Mandrell!  Anyway, if it has all its materials (wood case, accesssories, manuals etc) and is in excellent working condition

2006-08-09 What's value range on a WAlkMan FM SRF 40W:

hi, while I only collect the cassette walkmans, I seem to remember these going for $20 or so with the case, as long as it works... and they usually do... I do not know the dates of manufacture, but you

2006-07-09 WM-701S:

Hi, Terry,  These can be worth as much as $500, sometimes much more, depending on condition.  If it shines up really well, all the accessories are there, and it works completely (no wobbling or tape problems)

2004-08-21 Walkman:

Hi,  I am researching your question... I am guessing those were made in the early 90's, but will be able to be more accurate shortly.  They aren't too valuable, usually going for around $10 on ebay.  For


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