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I am a vet with a special interest in dermatology, particularly allergic dogs and cats, behaviour and acupuncture. I work mainly with dogs and cats. If you are wondering why your pet is still itchy, despite good flea control, or why your dog licks his feet, I may be able to give you some solutions. I'm currently very passionate about behaviour and am doing some further education in this area. So if you have a troubling behaviour with your dog or cat, such as barking, leash reactivity, anxiety or a dog who is a little wild and difficult to control, I may be able to help you with some solutions.

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I work in an area of Sydney where we see lots of allergic pets. I think behaviour problems are very common and I help a number of owners find solutions that will restore peace to them and their pets. Currently I enjoy answering questions, providing advice and writing pet care articles for


I graduated as a vet from Sydney Uni in 2006 and have since been completing my Masters in Small Animal Practice and am also updating my skills with a behaviour course through Sydney Uni.

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2016-10-23 vomitting and pale tan feces?:

Hi there Skyler,  Does sound like there could be something wrong. I would take him to the vet and get a check up. Has he been wormed recently? Any diet changes?    Cats can hide their problems very well

2015-07-04 Scared Cat:

I would start out working to desensitise her to plastic bags. For a period of time while you are working with her, keep any plastic bags out of the house so you don't have any backwards steps. Just keep

2015-02-01 KENNEL COUGH.:

Hi Jo,  That is actually a tricky one to answer, as kennel cough refers to any one of many viruses and bacteria that cause upper respiratory infections. Usually dogs take up to 3 weeks to recover, but

2014-12-05 Cat losing weight:

Hi Amanda,  thanks for all the information, I will try to help as best I can, but I might ask a few more questions:  What sort of food are you feeding your little girl?   Are you doing the worming every

2014-12-03 mouse poision:

Hi there,  the way the mouse poisons work is by using up vitamin K, which is necessary for the blood to clot. It takes 48-72 hours for this to occur, so you are correct, it takes a while for the mouse


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