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****I HAVE NO MEDICAL TRAINING AND CANNOT ANSWER MEDICAL QUESTIONS****** I can answer most questions regarding service/assistance dogs. In this case, the definition of a service/assistance dog is a dog that has been specifically trained to mitigate a disability. I am well versed in the laws that govern them (ADA, ACAA, FHA and the Rehab Act). I have very little knowledge of "service dogs" trained for search and rescue or military/police dogs. NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS PLEASE, I HAVE NO VET/MEDICAL TRAINING.

Experience in the area

I have had a service dog since 1988. I do numerous presentations a year to schools, businesses, local clubs and other organizations regarding regarding SDs and through a small non profit I own, provide information and referral.


There is no formal training for service dog education. I have 20 yrs of hands on experience and a necessity to learn the laws that apply to myself and my service dog.

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2015-06-07 Service dogs:

Each program has their own requirements and which types of disabilities they train dogs for.  Although, I have not heard of any training to mitigate Tourettes.  You can find programs in your area by going

2014-04-15 chewing on feet occasionally:

As you suggested, it could be pain, but more likely allergies.  It could also just be nerves.  I am NOT a vet and do not have any formal medical training.  I think your idea to buy some soothing shampoo

2013-08-07 I'm fed up:

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A VET AND THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.    Get him neutered (females are spayed).  That right there might eliminate the problem.  He's marking his territory.  Once you get him neutered

2012-10-31 Autism Assistance Dogs:

The first is about 20,000 ppl are partnered with assistance dogs in the US.  There is no documentation about how many are partnered with any sub group of ppl, such as those in the autism spectrum.  I would

2012-09-26 boxer/chihuahua mix:

How many times a day you feed him is up to you.  Smaller dogs can often eat once a day.  If your dog wolfs his food, you can divide the daily allotment over 2 or 3 feedings.  As far as which food, look


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