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I have been showing miniature schnauzers in conformation, obedience, and earthdog for forty years, and am a professional dog groomer. I am not a veterinarian and cannot answer questions of a veterinary nature. However, I can give my opinion or share some experiences on some health issues. Everyone should remember that this is a volunteer service, and few of us are up late into the night. Medical emergencies require a veterinary visit, or at least a telephone call... not an internet question which might not be viewed and answered until hours later. If your dog is sick or injured, it should be seen by a licensed professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Experience in the area

I have taught obedience classes and have taught people how to groom for many years.

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Member of: American Miniature Schnauzer Club; Twin Cities Miniature Schnauzer Club; Twin Cities Obedience Training Club; Elk River Kennel Club; Minnesota Professional Pet Groomers Association; Greater Twin Cities Earthdog Club.


Fifty-one years of living with, observing, and training dogs, along with numerous seminars during that time.

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2016-06-19 male dog casteration:

Males can go quite "crazy" when a bitch comes in season, particularly if they cannot get to the bitch. Was this what happened with your male? Who knows.... Neutering a male does indeed tone down his hormones

2016-04-24 finding a schnauzer:

January 1994, and I lived in St. Louis Park<G>    There aren't too many good breeders around anymore in the Upper Midwest. Most have retired, died, or just aren't breeding anymore.    There is only one

2016-03-13 Dog Worms:

Sorry, but this really is a question for a veterinarian, which I am not. Take a stool sample in and s/he should be able to tell you what parasite(s) your dog has and give you medication to eliminate the

2016-03-12 Dog Worms:

The "hair-like worms" in your dog's stool look more like hair to me than worms. If she is doing a lot of licking of her coat, she could be ingesting some of her own hair, which would then pass through

2016-01-03 Dog and fish incident??:

Well, dogs do not gulp water, they lap it up with their tongues, but when your fish hit the water, your dog undoubtedly turned its head and grabbed that fish up. Since the dog is used to being raw fed


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