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You can ask me anything on dog training, dog breeding, dog grooming. What type of dog you should get. Pertinent facts about different breeds. I am also specifically knowledgeable about terriers and the diets that help maintain coat excellence. I have trained and helped owners train their dogs.

Experience in the area

I have worked in dog training for 35 years. I have been a dog groomer for 25 years..


Certified trainer with Petsmart Certified Groomer with Petsmart

Past/Present Clients

approximatedly 2 to three hundred clients since 1993

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I am here to help the dogs. help them stay in their homes

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Aura12/29/16101010Thank you so muche your advice he .....

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2016-12-28 Dog:

WHILE YOU ARE HOME TO WATCH HIM, put a leash and collar on him and let him walk around with it on until he is used to having it on.   Then walk with him where he wants to go with you loosely holding leash

2016-12-26 Dog:

Aura,  It sounds like your pup was not socialized, which is something that is important for a Bully.  Are there any puppy classes around that you could take him to?  That would be the best for him.  If

2016-10-08 Recent aggressive:

Hi,  Yes he could have been protective or jealous HOWEVER, that behavior is unacceptable.  He should have been immediately pushed down on his side until he stopped struggling and told in a very firm way

2016-10-07 Kaiser the beagle:

Hi,  Beagles are hunting dogs, that is what they do, so teaching them to come is difficult.  Use a long line to reel him in when you say "come".  Do this constantly until he understand the command.  Give

2016-08-28 puppy pads & no longer sleeping with me:

Hi,  Yes you can train for both. Get the puppy pads that have the urine scent in it.  when she goes out side say "Good Potty" or something that you are comfortable with, Give going to the bathroom, a word


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