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Lyn Kamer, C.E.S.M.T.


Training, alternative therapies, saddle fitting problems, behavioral problems, endurance riding, driving, Mustangs

Experience in the area

Horseman of over 50 yrs., certified equine massage therapist, trainer both riding and driving, long distance trail riding and driving. Both endurance and competitive trail riding and driving.


American Endurance Ride Assn., Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Assn., New Jersey Trail Ride Assn., Aromatherapists International, American Mustang and Burro Assn., United States Trotting Assn., Standardbred Pleasure Horse Org., US Wild Horse and Burro Association


Trail Blazer magazine, AERC Newsletter, Hoofbeats magazine


Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, Least Resistance Trainer, Certified Aromatherapist

What do you like about this subject?

Love working with the animals and making them feel better. They are always so grateful and eager to see me again.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Want to go on and learn cranio-sacral therapy to expand my massage work and effectiveness.

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Recent Answers from Lyn Kamer, C.E.S.M.T.

2015-04-10 my horses neck looks swollen:

Ashley,   Sorry I am so late in responding to your follow up questions. He's very cresty and looks pudgy in the photo. Get him tested for Cushing's and you may want to do a thyroid panel on him too. I

2015-04-09 my horses neck looks swollen:

Ashley,   A couple of things come to mind. You didn't give much detail so let me ask some questions. Was the horse on good pasture? Is he overweight?  What's his age? If he's approaching or in his early

2015-01-10 rubber bit for D ring bitted horse:

Rohit,    I don't know why you want to add something that the horse hasn't needed in the past and shows no signs of rubbing on the corners of his mouth.  Stick with what he's used to and comfortable in

2014-12-25 D ring bit usage:

Rohit,  You sure do come up with some interesting questions.  Sometimes you just have to try different bits on a horse to find out what it likes best.  If the horse isn't responding well to whatever you

2014-12-25 grabbing the bit:

Rohit,  First off you need to adjust the bridle so she can't grab the  bit. It's hanging too loosely in her mouth. Secondly it's her way of evading the bit. This is a case where I would first check her


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