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Questions on basic training, fire safety with all types of animals, transportation questions, Fire Code requirements for buildings (NYS), basic building construction, fire safety in barns and animal facilities.

Experience in the area

Over 20 years experience in the horse industry, from working on farms to owning and breeding my own horses. Have been involved with Code Enforcement and NFPA Standard development for the past 7 years. I am also involved in the Fire Service, both volunter and professionally, for a total of 20+ years.


Past - NFPA, current, Easy Street Horse Rescue (Board of Directors)


Multiple National Certifications in the Fire Service, including Fire Service Instructor, Fire Investigator Level 1, Hazardous Materials Technician; and I am curently close to the completion of my AS in Fire Science Technology. Over 20 years experience working with horses both personally and professionally, currently owner of 2 Paso Fino horses.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I believe you never stop learning, and things are not always black and white. Oftentimes you have to learn to think outside of the box when it comes to dealing with animals/livestock and the situations they can get themselves in to.

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Recent Answers from Lisa Lee

2015-09-12 ball jointed snaffles - horse swallowing tongue:

Hi, actually, the way a bit such as a snaffle works is to put pressure on the bars of the mouth, along the jaw, and on the roof of the mouth not the tongue.  Think of the bit working like a nut cracker

2014-09-03 stumbling for 5 to 6 strides:

Stumbling its not a normal part of a horse moving forward.  It can be caused by hooves that are to long, physical injury, too large a rider, there are many possible causes.  If a horse stumbles often,

2014-08-19 mare bucking when whipped:

A horse will react that way for different reasons. It could be she is telling you she doesn't want to do what you are asking of her, or you could be hurting her.  In general it sounds like she doesn't

2014-08-02 lunge lines made out of cotton:

Lunge lines are longer than a regular lead line.  They can be made from different materials, from cotton to nylon to leather- a lot depends on what region you are in and what is commonly available and

2014-08-02 dull coat:

It is hard to tell from the picture. A healthy coat will shine, and your friend can help with that by making sure the horse gets proper nutrition and has good weigh on it.  Brushing regularly will also


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