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I have hands on experience in caring for Rabbits and Rodents for over 20 years, as well as pet store supervisory experience including overlooking the treatment of sick or injured animals. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are my speciality. I have kept everything from Dwarf breeds to Continental Giant Rabbits and various varieties of Guinea Pig. I can give advice on husbandry, breeding, housing, diet, retail law, general buying your pet and what to look out for and health problems. I can also advise on bonding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs I do advise that if your pet has an ailment that your priority is veterinary help but i will answer questions where i can on pets undergoing treatment by a vet where a diagnoses has been issued. Ailments do need inspection by a trained vet to diagnose any health problems

Experience in the area

I am certified in: Animal nutrition and pet care/store management level 3. This includes animal husbandry, hygiene, retail and animal welfare law, lagomorphs (Rabbits), Rodents (Cavies/Guinea Pigs Rats and mice and the alike), Reptiles and Aquatics. I have also attended a Reptile keeping course. I am also certified in general retail and retail law. I am at present writing books on both Rabbits and Guinea pigs I have Rabbit and Guinea pig keeping and rescuing experience




7 GCSE's Further educated in office computer studies,retail and pet care Educated to store management level in pet care Educated in reptile care Educated in pet nutrition

Awards and Honors

Certificates in Office studies-CLAIT and IBT2 Retail NVQ2 Pet care/Store Management certificates including retail law and pet acts LEVEL 3 Pet nutrition including exotic pets, cats and dogs Reptile husbandry

Past/Present Clients

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What do you like about this subject?

I have always had a love of animals and find Rabbits and Guinea Pigs fun to be around and there is always something new to learn from them. Each creature has its own individual temperament. I always have liked the rescuing side even though it is demanding i find satisfaction knowing i have helped a needy animal.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

There is always something new to learn with medical research and up to date drug availablity. Also there are better modern ways to keep pets which is healthier for the pets involved.

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2017-01-11 Broken pelvic bone:

Usually pelvic fractures need time to heal and sometimes intervention such as pinning if there is an actual break,which to me looks like there is, but I cannot give a 100 % veterinary opinion as I am not

2010-10-18 rabbit cataract treatment:

Is it a cataract of an eye ulcer?    if it is an ulcer you can get antibiotic medication from the vet .Cataracts means permanent blindness and are rarely treated by vets unless there is infection which

2010-10-18 First Time:

Go to my site for a guide on feeding your rabbit  http://www.tillysburrows.webs.com    He should be on pellets hay and water.  Rabbits should not be transported away from the litter under 8 weeks of age

2010-10-18 Male and female bonding and neutering:

You mean a castrated male and unspayed female....    Buck's and doe's are more likely to get on but the female will most of the time be hormonal and territorial if unspayed so it advisable to have her

2010-10-17 Possible rabbit snuffles - help needed!!:

With Pasturellosis it can take many months in some rabbits to see any improvement. In normal cases it is 2 to 3 weeks but i have had rabbits on it for up to 6 months.  Baytril is the only antibiotic treatment


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