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***ATTENTION -- If your rabbit has a life threatening issue do not waste time looking for answers on the Internet. Get your animal to the nearest rabbit savvy vet or 24 hour emergency clinic as soon as possible. Rabbits are prey animals and they hide their illnesses. By the time you realize something is wrong with your bunny there is a strong possibility that it may be to late to help it. I will not answer any questions related to wild rabbits or rabbits intended for meat. There are other experts here that will be happy to help you with those questions. I can answer almost anything related to health, diet, housing, showing, breed standards, genetics, ARBA rules, registration, pets, bonding, and behavior. While I am an ARBA registrar and am willing to answer questions related to showing, breeding and genetics, my main focus is on the health and well-being of pet rabbits.

Experience in the area

I am a licensed American Rabbit Breeders Registrar. I do not show rabbits anymore nor do I breed them. I do believe it is important that people that chose to breed rabbits do so with only purebred and genetically sound animals or that they have a thorough understanding of genetics prior to breeding. I have chosen to keep my registars license to help the 4H youth in my area. I do stay current on all breeds, varieties, show rules, regulations of the ARBA. I have spent the past 8 years focusing on rescuing and caring for PET bunnies who were no longer wanted. I am the current CEO of Little Angels Animal Sanctuary, Inc. I was appointed CEO of the rescue organization and sanctuary in 2008. We gained our 501(c)3 IRS tax exemption status in 2012. We have taken on the task of rescuing unwanted PET rabbits as well as some farm animals. I teach genetics and health to the local youth as well as register and promote the breeding of only purebred and genetically sound animals. I rescue PET rabbits. These are rabbits that lived in peoples homes and were either surrendered to us or sent to the auction for meat. While I believe that all bunnies should be pets, I understand that people raise them for other reasons. I will answer questions from anyone, regardless of their purpose. I will reject any questions that are considered unethical or inhumane.


Little Angels Animal Sanctuary.


President and CEO of Little Angels Animal Sanctuary, Inc. I have over 10 years of experience working closely with a veterinarian that treats rabbits. We have studied and treated nearly every illness that can affect rabbits.

What do you like about this subject?

I love rabbits. They are my passion in life. I love taking care of them and I love teaching others about them.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Rabbits are not cheap and easy pets and they do NOT like children. They prefer to have 4 feet on the ground and while some homes with children are suitable for a rabbit, others are not. Rabbits should not be confined to a cage their entire life. They need stimulation and without this they can become aggressive.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

I have seen people show up to rabbit shows with their child's pet rabbit. I have seen them say 'my child has lost interest' and turn them over to people at these events. I have seen the person that took the rabbit laugh about it and say 'I love it when people get rid of their kids pets, it is free meat for me'. Some people do not care what happens to your once beloved pet.

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Hi Scilla,    I really can't tell you much about changes in elevation and how it would affect your bunny.  I can tell you that every year there is a national rabbit convention and about 5000 rabbits are

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Hi Paula,    While it is possible for neutered males to impregnate females up to 30 days after their neuter, I would say that it is not very probable.  I wouldn't worry to much about it but I would still

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Hi Gabby,    What a beautiful bunny she is.  Unfortunately about the only thing you can do is have her spayed.  Phantom pregnancies are not going to hurt her but if she has behavioral issues also, this

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Hi Patricia,    I would NOT feed your bunny pineapple.  There is too much sugar in pineapple and it could make things worse.  The only thing I would recommend is the pumpkin and get to the vet as soon

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Hi Emma,    I can't really tell what the bump is.  I agree that it is a tumor of some sort.  Your bunny is 12 years old.  That is pretty amazing.  I would enjoy every minute you get with him.  At 12 years


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