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My area of expertise would be snakes and reptile genetics (again mostly w/ snakes). Although I have dealt w/ almost all species of reptiles commonly sold in the US.

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15 years keeping, breeding, selling, and teaching about reptiles.


Past board member of the Central FL Herpetological Society


B.S. Biology Ed. UCF

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2017-02-28 Leopard Gecko Diet:

I think you're first step in trying to take geckos overseas would be to contact the country where you are going and ask them.  There may a permit/vet inspection involved and even a quarantine period once

2017-02-28 Leopard Gecko Diet:

I'm not sure about the defense mechanisms of that particular beetle so I don't know if I can specifically answer that question.  I do know that wax worms are kind of the "Big Mac" of the leopard gecko

2016-09-25 phallectomy complication:

I would have to say something went wrong during surgery-if he was fine going in and broken coming out...  Please understand I am not a vet so my opinion on this is less solid than even yours.  You could

2016-09-20 Tiny Lizard:

Tom, all I can see in that pic is the tail.  It looks like the tail of a Tokay gecko but many babies have banded tails. Send a shot of the head and maybe I can do better.  With all the imported lizards

2016-08-02 Lost Red Footed Tortoise:

Unfortunately yes, that hawk would be able to see him from a mile away.  Being that the yard is unfenced he could be fine and just wandering too.  As to your grandson, he will be upset, but I have found


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