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My area of expertise would be snakes and reptile genetics (again mostly w/ snakes). Although I have dealt w/ almost all species of reptiles commonly sold in the US.

Experience in the area

15 years keeping, breeding, selling, and teaching about reptiles.


Past board member of the Central FL Herpetological Society


B.S. Biology Ed. UCF

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Tom09/28/16101010I'm sorry for the late reply; I .....
Vicki08/06/16101010Thank You Again for your answer.

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2016-09-25 phallectomy complication:

I would have to say something went wrong during surgery-if he was fine going in and broken coming out...  Please understand I am not a vet so my opinion on this is less solid than even yours.  You could

2016-09-20 Tiny Lizard:

Tom, all I can see in that pic is the tail.  It looks like the tail of a Tokay gecko but many babies have banded tails. Send a shot of the head and maybe I can do better.  With all the imported lizards

2016-08-02 Lost Red Footed Tortoise:

Unfortunately yes, that hawk would be able to see him from a mile away.  Being that the yard is unfenced he could be fine and just wandering too.  As to your grandson, he will be upset, but I have found

2016-07-31 Red Footed Tortise:

OK, we have to work from two points of view:    1. He's still back there and hard to see-if there was/is any way for him to get out of the yard he probably is long gone by now.  You didn't mention whether

2016-06-14 Burmese+Ball python Shed Question:

Balls not eating...  ah where to begin.  I need to know what prey items you have tried.  Live or frozen thawed.  I need to know the exact temperature of the cage.  I need to know if the snake has a hide


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